Thursday, May 15, 2008

I have Henry Matisse Genes
Street Affair Lower East Side; NEW YORK

A piece written by Flex/Lesny JN Felix
Edited by Bianca A. Bailey

The science behind my inspiration; before I even knew of the master, I knew who I was born to be inspired by. The wonders of


Henri Matisse--the name sings harmoniously. My mentor, R.Mutt taught me about him a while ago.

I recently

looked at the exhibition list on the LACMA website and saw a piece by Matisse. My reaction was simply, "wow." I was in awe.

The DNA and GENES reference is basically what I was born with--the same GENE family of Matisse. Except for he, of course, was born before me. In my generation, my destiny to continue that GENE, is to carry forward the creativity in Matisse's work.

I'm fascinated by the fact that his work is in the same breath, yet, a bit different. I feel my work is more flamboyant; flamboyant in a good way. Matisse is like the peacemaker who loves mature, calmer, and clearer expression.

My work as I see

it, is very well a continuing progression of the GENE. I am Haitian Mulatto--the French revolution has Haitian ties, so that ground is ideal for transferring the GENE. It has ties to me at the point of encounter.

I feel and think many thoughts of becoming a minimalist someday. As I have developed, I now know what I like to paint. This is where Picasso comes in. I like the idea of using paint; any color, whatever you want, whenever you want. This idea was greatly influenced by Picasso. I also like the way Andy had the mindset to produce effectively, in a fast paced scale.


tested this. I ended up finding out how to produce efficiently and fast paced without cheating my effectiveness. When producing art, I do so based on my understanding of their (Picasso, Warhol...) level and forum of display. This is the level that I am shooting for, and with that in mind, want to create to the best of my ability work as effective, yet,

original--as original as I am capable of producing.

Soul searching through yourself, your inspirations, as well as those who you surround yourself with, paint a picture of who you are and who you are becoming. After many gallery openings, it was clear. I grabbed my brushes and materials to begin.

It was a search. A search for identity, a search for how to carry on, a search to find what could only be found within myself. Today I know it is within me. I have found it.

There was a time, in the beginning, that I convinced myself I was not in it for an experiment. I wanted to start and finish.

I wanted to make good pieces. With every piece I started, I never doubted that it could be good. I convinced myself that I was good, and every time I applied a stroke of medium, I got better.

Standing behind my work, and the end result, is important. You should feel strongly about products you present.

Strong to

the point that it's look, and/or direction is comparable to that of a master of influence. I admire others who create great work. I love feeling confident, influenced and inspired by them. I share a common GENE with Master Matisse, so I am

preparing myself to be on the same level as him. I carry that in the highest regard and I take it seriously. Hence, I will be taken seriously in my industry. I am as real and Human as can be.

Examining currently in production, (88% Complete), paintings that display the depth that I believe is reflective of the growth of my creative GENE. I want to create work that has endless satisfaction for the eye.

The power of the Eye is to use it endlessly, the power of the mind is to think endlessly, the use of both is the ultimate blessing. The mind is really what makes it so interesting, because without the eye, the mind still functions.

I enjoy my

work, and when I look at it, I see an explosion that meshes water and land. So I give you what I like my own eyes to have,

the satisfaction to look-- and end up glaring and staring.

I started PAINTING two and a half years ago. My mentor R.Mutt enlightened me, and I became what I was due to become from the beginning. I was 2 ADHD (ADD) my first year at M.L.K High School when I dropped the class, like a flat line.

If you want to know more, visit me in person.

Jim Morrison sang, "when the music is over turn up the lights", so I say to you
"when you glare at my paintings, turn up your pupils".