Tuesday, May 22, 2007

DEATH! "The Miss interpretation"

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"The Miss interpretation"

I was somewhere in Grand Goave and Cafou, Haiti when my dad passed away.
I remember that during the time he made efforts to visit me as often as possible.
My father was a driver, he co-owned a private transportation tap tap, (taxi), in Haiti.

were fun then you know. Here's your pop, he was there for you but barely saw you, blah blah blah. The one story I would recollect about him was when my grandmother would tell me that he once kidnapped me. She had to encounter the act of kidnapping me back from him, ha! This had to be something my grandmother thought hard about, taking a risk doing, because my father is from a real head hunter's part of Haiti, full of Voodoo and black magic.
I had the short memory of pops, and I didn't know him long enough to know what kind of a man he was, and how he would have dealt with me and my growing pains. I don't know much about his and my grandmothers relationship, or why they where distant. So his death was brief. After his visits, I learned he had passed and that his death had to do with his co-partner who wanted to have the tap tap, all to himself. Nice way to live!

I've heard talk about the cause of his death being linked to black magic and voodoo.
It's possible that's the case, as a Haitian I can understand these things.
I am not saying I believe it or not, but in Haiti anything can happen.

the death of my father is mysterious and could have made "Unsolved Mysteries" tv series easily. I loved that show back then. I remember watching it at night and it creeped me out like crazy, but I did enjoy it since fear is something that can be controlled and that series is like a test to control your fears in a way. Besides, I have walked in a cemetery in Haiti at night and that's creepy enough. I've had nightmares due to neighboring "loogaroo", a witch who'll fly over your house at night and bother young children. Stories like this were told to us by our grandmothers. Scary then, funny now.

my next installments I will cover my Grandmother, Step-pop and Mother, which are interesting cases in itself. I will touch on an interesting series of my growth and the fortunate and unfortunate situations involving Haitian culture. My goal is to bring a heightened interest in Haiti's culture.

in death do us part. I do believe that due to the dark result of death, it's misinterpreted, know one really knows? So my own interpretation of death is one in a million. Until my next post I will share stories with you. I have come a long way, and with your support I go a long way. I feel that I have an obligation to share with those who are interested in my culture and how it was for me and others to grow up in Haiti. I feel I owe my country that much, and believe that I can give her something in return.

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Times were fun then you know. Here's your pop, he was there for you but barely saw you, blah blah blah.